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Property Managers trust us to provide high-quality painting and repair services.
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We understand the importance of being on schedule with the make ready process.
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We offer janitorial services for all multi-use areas including but not limited to clubhouses, common areas, leasing offices, and office buildings.
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Don’t get stuck after a snowfall! Our snow removal service is highly trained to clear snow on access routes quickly and efficiently.
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“I can say that the company provides high quality services and the staff are respectful and reliable. I can confidently recommend Amanda’s World Inc. to anyone looking for a dependable vendor.”
Kyle A.

“Amanda and her team are great. We enjoy working with them. You can count on them to get the job done right.”
Sarah H.

“Amanda’s World Inc. is an asset for any company that hires their services.”
Adam N.

“Amanda’s World Inc. is highly responsive and works with integrity.”
Chris S.

“Amanda’s World Inc. represents an ethical and honest company that will meet your needs.”
Angelica T.

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